Shaping the autonomous future.


An autonomous tool to ease the fight against wildfires

At Robotto, we are integrating vision and navigation algorithms to monitor and analyze widlfires aided by the use of autonomous quadcopters.


An increasing threat that affects ecosystems, wildlife and humans the same. This product will aim to provide tools for better assessment of wildfires.

Autonomous Systems

The increase development in autonomous technology allows for the use of systems for faster and more efficient data collection. This will reduce the need for a quadcopter operators and will allow reallocation of resources.

Ecosystem Preservation

This product fulfills some of the SDG Goals for the 2030 Paris Conference including ecosystem preservation, reduction of deaths caused by natural disasters and increase the resilience against these.

Data Management

Our unique value proposition features a custom made, continuously growing database to train the AI algorithms that will grow with the use of the product.

Our Story...

From a bachelor thesis project to a growing tech startup. A group of engineering students who is now working on building a company from a university project.

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