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Due to climate change, the fire season now extends out of the typically dry months. As seen in Europe where the fire season was from July to September, but now extends into both June and October. The total burned forestall area has also increased in Europe, with fires in 2019 burning an area 15% larger than the 2008-2018 average. The world is now experiencing the phenomena of “mega fires”. These fires “ignite and propagate in very severe weather conditions, which often makes them extraordinary due to their size, intensity and deep long-lasting social, economic and environmental impact.” – Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission.

We at Robotto are determined to make the world ever increasingly sustainable, and we are starting this transition by tackling one of the worlds most deadliest, pollutive and costly symptoms of global warming.

Our vision does not stop at wildfires. We want to implement robotic technologies into every field where we can help facilitate the green transition, or help reduce the environmental impact. We are currently abiding SDG target 11, 13 and 15, including 5 sub-targets, but we want to extend this list to include every category.

Who We Are

Robotto is a spinoff of a full-year bachelor thesis in Robotics at Aalborg University. The founders were deciding on a subject for what the next year would entail for the study group. This was the summer of 2018 where record breaking wildfires were set across the northern hemisphere of the world, and the founders decided to see how they could use robotic technologies into assisting emergency services combat wildfires. A collaboration with the Danish Emergency Management Agency lead to the founders developing a novel way of calculating wildfires on an autonomous drone platform.

Robotto is a company born global. Each of the 5 founders have a different nationality and a different background, all coming together with the goal of making the world more sustainable with their love for robots. Their advancement in robotic technologies has led to published scientific articles and provided them the opportunity to present their ideas on how they see robotics being implemented into our current society all over the world. As our tagline suggests, we will continue to push robotic technologies forward, as we are Shaping the Autonomous Future.


Robotto has within its short liftetime been nominated for several awards in different fields including sustainability and innovation.

We have already won two 3rd place place in both the International STEM Awards, as well as the Danish Innovation Awards.

Thanks to the continued support of our community we will prevail in the upcoming Sustainary SDG Tech Awards and many more!

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