The Autonomous Wildfire Recognition and Analytics platform
changing the way we combat wildfires!

Accurate Autonomous Overview

Autonomous Navigation

As simple as dragging a box on a map. We have developed an universal easy-to-use interface, allowing for every incident commander or user to designate the operational area of the drone fast and accurately. The drone will take off autonomously and navigate to the area, while avoiding any obstacles and smoke, and start searching for fire.

Wildfire Calculation

Centimetre precise calculation. When the drone flies in the operational area and has determined in which section of the area the wildfire is located, our wildfire calculation algorithm will start to extract the exact GPS location, size and direction of the wildfire.

Onboard Processing

Operational without being connected. In many wildfire situations, wireless connections can be interfered with by the extreme heat. As all of our data processing is performed directly on the drone platform, AWRA will continue in operation even when the connection to the tablet controller is lost. This will ensure a constant data collection, transmitting updated data when connection is re-established.

Real-Time Streaming

Constant updated stream of data. Our wildfire calculation algorithm updates the wildfire data several times a second, streaming this to the incident commanders hand whenever there is a change in the wildfire. Making sure that you are constantly on the offensive when combating the emergency. If there is need for an additional set of eyes on, all data from the drone can be streamed to any expert around the world.

Choose The Map

Choose between a satellite or map overlay that your data will be portrait onto. Providing you with the tools you need to get an overview.

Region Of Interest

Draw an operational area, in which the drone will search for fire. If needed, you will have to approve the drone leaving this area.

Picture In Picture

Access both the RGB and Thermal imagery from the drone, to get a better feel of the situation.

Data Streaming

Share the data map and video with the headquarters and make sure that everyone is updated on the current situation.